TONIGHT’S TV GUIDE: January 12th 2017

Pick of the Day

Spy in the Wild, BBC One, 8pm

Good news everyone, there’s a new wildlife programme on our screens, as Spy in the Wild starts a five-part series showcasing the behaviour of an array of animals.

But there’s a twist to this particular documentary. The scenes have been filmed using camera camouflaged as various animals, in order to get up close and personal. Hence the ‘spy’ element of the show.

In tonight’s episode, Spy Penguin gives us an insight into the mating season and Spy Monkey causes great concern among a group of langurs, who believe he may have died!

The range of animal ‘spies’. Image: BBC 

Best of the Rest

 Spies, Channel 4, 9pm

Continuing the theme of espionage, only this time with humans, the second part of Channel 4’s series which puts 15 candidates to the test to see if they have what it takes to succeed as a spy.

At the end of last week’s episode Control, the group of ex-MI5 officers in charge of the programme, asked two people to leave the show, while also revealing that a member of Control had been living among the candidates to keep tabs on their behaviours and character.

This week, relationships between the candidates become strained as they are asked to work against each other in a series of challenges.


Drama Choice

Death in Paradise, BBC One, 9pm

The sun-soaked detective drama returned to our screens last week, bringing a much-needed dose of Caribbean sunshine to our January.

This week, Detective Humphrey Goodman and the team investigate the death of a young literature student at the Saint Marie Literature Festival. She also happens to be a childhood friend of Humphrey’s assistant Florence.

In the midst of trying to crack the case, Humphrey is also busy readying his shack for Martha to stay.


The Alternative Option

The Restoration Man, Channel 4, 8pm

Cheshire couple Andrew Jones and Michele Gibbons want to turn an 85ft art deco water tower into a six-storey dream home.

It doesn’t all go smoothly however, as the pair wrestle with a dislike of art deco furniture and the builders are presented with a series of challenges.


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